Raid status: Success!

Anyone who has ever tried something new knows that feeling right before that something begins. It’s like sitting at the top of that first big hill on a rollercoaster; you are excited and unsure of what exactly happens next but you hope it’s amazing.

Well, it was!! Our very first #levelupED was a rollicking success!

We were a small, but mighty group this evening and represented a wide variety of gamification experience.

Here are some highlights…

How do you define gamification in your classroom?

Do you think gamification is more using games to teach content or designing game elements in your instruction?

What benefits have you seen/ do you think you would see from gamifying your class?

Is there any good tech out there you are using to help gamify your class?





What challenges have you faced when trying to introduce game play in your class? How did you overcome them?


What is one take away from tonight that you would like to start applying to your classroom?




We also discussed what to call assessments to encourage less fear and more fun with the game for students, the difference between using XP and skill points, and even debated using gamification in place of traditional grades. If there is anything you’d like to see discussed in future #levelupED chats please let us know! And make sure you check out the full chat HERE

See you next week for #levelupED! 9pm EST every Thursday!



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