Welcome to your Starting Zone


You’ve discovered #leveledUP

Welcome to the blog for #levelupED, a weekly Twiiter chat about gamification in education. #levelupED will provide an opportunity for all interested educators to discuss how gamification can change the learning landscape of their classrooms. #gamification seems to integrate itself into many of the educational Twitter chats that we’ve encountered. Now its time for gamification to have its own chat: #levelupED.

The moderators for #levelupED will be Faith Howell (@howellywood) and Dayson Pasion (@MrDpasion). Faith and Dayson also have blogs which you can click here, respectively: Hollywood and STEMpunk  Each of them have been interested in gamification and both know how much in can change the dynamic of a classroom.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Please consider this our starting zone for #levelupED. On this blog you’ll be able to collect resources for gamification as well as view past archives and future chat topics.  You always can come back for the information you need to level up in your mastery of gamification (don’t be surprised if you find yourself completing some quests as well).


2 thoughts on “Welcome to your Starting Zone

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